Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mind Management

Our aesthetic make up can often fool others into thinking they know exactly who we are. 

Those ignorant to the time and effort it takes to change your body, often mistake it for arrogance and vanity and although some may craft amazing bodies, their mind, passion and drive can often go unnoticed in the process. 

I find it fascinating that although I have transformed my body over the last few years, some major insecurities, fears and stresses still remain. The kind of worries that often go unnoticed behind a good tight fitting dress and coat of lipstick. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

reaching past the fads.

Walking into the kitchen at my parent's house, I was faced with typical sights: a little bag of funsized milky-ways which promise to be 'less than 80 calories and 45% less fat" and now the new addition of 'Low fat, special K, granola'.
We are currently in a sedately society, in which many people suffer with health problems due to weight. We are also surrounded by 'miracle products,' which promise all the satisfaction, without the guilt, or all the hard work, with minimal effort.