Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Like Attracts Like

Well, it's been a while since I found myself blogging and I guess I will take that as a good thing on this occasion, as I've been taking the time to work on my inner peace and discovering some things about myself and those around me.

I think its dreadfully important to take some time out to be alone, and often time alone is forgotten about as part of a day filled with work, social events and families. 

I am a strong believer that unless you can find enjoyment within your own company, you will struggle to attract those who will ultimately enhance your life. 

Moving to a new city was an opportunity for me to start afresh. To discover things I didn't know about myself, and to build a circle of friends which consisted purely of those who made my life better. 

As an only child, I'd always been quite use to being alone. Taking the plunge to travel Australia at 18, I chose to backpack alone and made friends along the way, rather than starting the process in company. 

This mantra for life has lead to several journeys so far, including my health and fitness journey. For years I knew I was overweight, and although this made me terribly unhappy, comments from others didn't spur me on to change, it was only when I decided that I wanted to enhance my life for my own sake, that the pounds began to shed. 

As I get older I also realise that time is precious, and spending time with people who enhance your life and build you up, is vital for success. I find it very comforting to take time each day to just be by myself, to reflect on past achievements and to craft plans for new goals. Those who I spend my time with outside of work are genuine people who make me feel positive about myself and the future. They also happen to be people on paths themselves - quality of friendship becomes necessary over quantity. 

The fitness industry can at times be a lonely place to be. Those who knew you before your changes believe you have become trapped in a self-absorption and are suddenly 'vain, arrogant and self obsessed' - those kind of people became the soul reason I started to enjoy my own company and relish in the gym and self-development. It wasn't until I met some equally as passionate people that I began to realise how necessary it was to mold your life, including friends, the way YOU want. 

It is inevitable you will lose people along the way, some may come as a surprise, and others may not. They tend to be the people I refer to as 'settlers' who have gotten too comfortable in their jobs, lifestyles, and even relationships, to strive for something better. 

It's the desire within me to never 'settle' which keeps my focus each day. Whether that be in my career, my lifestyle, friends or relationships, I want to know I have done my best. The key point here being MY best and not comparing my life to any one else's. 

I am currently mid way through what I'm calling an 'improvement period', building as much muscle as possible before my diet in April. 

Making the decision to compete wasn't one I made lightly, but I have finally found a place in my life where my surroundings, influencing people, and mindset, feel ready to give it my all. 

I have come on leaps and bounds from the self-destructive mentality I once had, allowing myself guilt-free cheat meals, nights with friends, and allowing myself to not always feel amazing all of the time. 

When I sit there, alone, and think about what I've achieved so far, I am proud, but it isn't over yet. I am aiming high, with all aspects of my life, but I am more importantly starting to love the person I have become, which I believe is the most important process of all.

We only get one life, and if we spend half of it wishing we were different, we'll be left with nothing but regret. So I will surround myself only with people who lift me higher, I will train only because I love it, and I will slowly but surely create a world for myself that I will look back upon with the satisfaction that I made it.  

This post is dedicated to Josh Goodfellow, Louise Tyson and Chase Carneson, you three are wonderful and I can't thank you enough. 

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